Purusha Sookta

The Varaputra of Goddess Sri Saraswatia learned Scholar, Sri Hari Bhakta ,Mantralaya Mandira Sri Raghavendrateertharu has written explanatory definition of Eighteen Slokas of  this Great PURUSHASOOKTA, which is acceptable to all the Vishnu Bhaktas. I like to share this, humbly  with all the devotees.

The sixteen slokas of Sri Venkatesha Stotra: “Venkatesho Vasudevo Pradyno  Amita Vikramaha” deplict and describe in detail the greatness and power of Shree Hari.The kind and affectionate concern of Sri Hari In the same way Purushasookta upholds Sri Hari and  proclaims VISHNU is the Lord of Lords Adhi-Deva. Mantralaya Rayaru has described in a beautiful touchy style.Sri Hari is Purusha--- Good words about Sri Hari. SU—UKTA- Sookta or sukta. We call Sri Hari is Deva- Devottama—Devara Deva.

The structure of the each series is -  begins with the Background of the matter then meaning of the Kannada poem and finally ends with a poem.

- Raghvendra Patwari