(The reason behind Draupadi having five husbands, as elucidated by Sri Madhwacharyaru - Part 1)

Date : Aug 10, 2023


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| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

The reason behind Draupadi having five husbands, as elucidated by Sri Madhwacharyaru, is presented in Mantralaya (1050). This explanation unfolds over three distinct parts, each contributing to a comprehensive understanding of this divine arrangement


In earlier articles from Mantralaya, we delved into the clarifications addressing common uncertainties concerning the Ramayana. These included insights into why Rama took the life of Vali and the purpose behind Sita's trial by fire to establish her purity.

Now, let's delve into the life of Draupadi. Unfortunately, there have been misconceptions and ignorant remarks about Draupadi having five husbands. However, Acharya Madhawaru emphasizes that leveling baseless allegations against Draupadi leads one into grave sin. To gain a deeper understanding and walk the righteous path within the Mahabharata Tata Pariya Nirnaya Acharya Madhwaru enlightens us with comprehensive insights into Draupadi's life, dispelling all ill-founded doubts and misunderstandings.

Bharati Devi, the beloved wife of Vayu Devaru, holds a prominent position as the greatest devotee of Sri Narayana. Women seek her blessings to follow the righteous path of female Dharma, known as Patya Vruta. Attaining pure female Dharma requires the grace of Bharati Devi.

Interestingly, the name "Bharat" signifies Vayu Devaru, and Bharati means the divine consort of Vayu Devaru. In time, Bharati Devi assumes the revered role of Saraswati, eventually becoming the revered Veda Abhimani Devata when Vayu Devaru takes on the position of Brahma.

Acharya Madhwaru in his unique interpretation, confirms that Bharati Devi, assuming different forms, became Draupadi, encompassing a total of five souls within one body. These 5 souls in the Draupadi were
The possibility of multiple souls coexisting within a single body is a phenomenon that holds certain perspectives. Indeed, there have been instances that seem to suggest this occurrence. Before the birth of Sri Madhwacharyaru, a notable event unfolded where an individual climbed a pole, embodying Hanumantha Devaru, to herald the imminent arrival of Sri Madhwacharyaru.Furthermore, in various regions of North Karnataka, instances of ordinary individuals channeling manifestations of Goddesses have been documented. It's worth noting, however, that while authentic spiritual connections can manifest in such ways, there are also instances where individuals exploit these occurrences for fraudulent purposes.Interpreting this concept through a modern lens, drawing inspiration from the teachings of Krishna, one can liken the body to hardware and the soul to a software processor. This analogy suggests the potential for multiple "software processors," or souls, to be active within a given body at different times.

In the context of Draupadi, Sri Madhwacharyaru provides insights into the presence of Bharati Devi, Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha Devi, and Parvati Devi. Through his teachings, he sheds light on the significance of these divine connections and explains the reasons behind their coexistence within Draupadi's character.

Sri Madhwacharyaru provides a profound explanation for the convergence of these souls within a single body. He sheds light on the underlying purpose and divine design that led Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha, and Parvati to unite their essences in one physical form.

Once, Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha Devi and Parvati Devi decided to unite their souls and approach Lord Brahma to test his ability to recognize them. As they merged into one body, they appeared before Lord Brahma three times. Surprisingly, on the first two occasions, Lord Brahma appeared to ignore them.On the third instance, their actions angered Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma sternly cursed them, saying, "Do you think I am not aware of your divine identities? You have bestowed this power upon yourselves, and it is not for you to test me." Due to their misguided actions, Lord Brahma decreed that all four goddesses - Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha Devi, and Parvati  Devi would have to take birth on earth three times, each time with their four souls merged into one body.

Hearing the solemn curse, Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha, and Parvati were filled with sadness and regret for testing the all-knowing and enlightened Lord Brahma. They understood the gravity of their mistake and the consequences they would face in their earthly incarnations.

After some years, another regretful incident unfolded during a conference attended by all the Gods and Goddesses, including Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha Devi, and Parvati Devi. In an unfortunate turn of events, they displayed inappropriate behavior by engaging in flirtatious conversations and expressions of romance towards their husbands.Lord Brahma, the astute observer, took notice of their misconduct and reprimanded them for their cheap behavior. Lord Brahma pronounced a stern decree that the four goddesses would have to return to earth once again, but this time they would be connected with males other than their husbands.

Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha, and Parvati were utterly shocked to hear this, as it would compromise their esteemed status of upholding female virtues and righteousness (Dharma), especially when being in contact with males other than their rightful spouses. The weight of this consequence weighed heavily on them, and they deeply regretted their actions, realizing the gravity of their mistakes.

Yes, as a result of their two grave mistakes, Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha Devi, and Parvati Devi were destined to take birth on earth four times. In one of these births, they would face the challenging test of encountering a male person other than their rightful husband.This test would be a trial of their commitment to upholding female virtues and righteousness (Dharma) in the face of temptation and adversity. The consequences of their actions in the divine realms had profound implications for their earthly incarnations, where they would have to navigate complex situations and prove their unwavering dedication to their respective Dharmas as virtuous and righteous women.

Absolutely! Realizing the consequences of their mistakes and the potential challenges they might face in their earthly incarnations, Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha Devi, and Parvati Devi wholeheartedly devoted themselves to doing sincere seva (service) to Bharati Devi. They recognize Bharati Devi as the Goddess who can safeguard and preserve their female Dharma. Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha Devi, and Parvati  Devi sought redemption through sincere service to Bharati Devi for a thousand years (bearing in mind that time is relative in divine realms). Impressed by their innocent devotion, Bharati Devi asked how she could assist them.

With a heavy heart, they narrated the two crimes they committed and expressed their fear of facing undesirable contacts in their earthly incarnations. They humbly requested Bharati Devi to be present alongside them in their shared earthly body. The reason behind this request was that Bharati Devi possessed a divine boon from Lord Narayana, ensuring that no one, except Lord Vayu Devaru, could touch her in any realm, including earth.Knowing that Lord Vayu Devaru would be the father to Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha  Devi, and Parvati  Devi in their earthly form, they would remain in an inactive mode within the body when Bharati Devi was present. Therefore, any touch from Lord Vayu Devaru would not jeopardize their commitment to upholding female Dharma.

Moved by their sincere remorse and genuine desire to follow the path of righteousness, Bharati Devi graciously agreed to their request. Her divine presence alongside them in their earthly journey would protect and empower them to stay true to their virtuous paths and fulfill their destinies with unwavering dedication to female Dharma.

In the next series of Mantralaya, we are set to delve into the series of births that Sachi Devi, Shyamala Devi, Usha  Devi, and Parvati Devi experienced. This captivating exploration will illuminate their diverse incarnations and the roles they played while unwaveringly upholding the principles of female Dharma. Through these intricate tales, we will witness the profound influence of Bharati Devi, who guided and supported them throughout their spiritual journeys. Anticipate a journey that unveils the timeless devotion and resilience of these divine souls, inspiring us all to embrace righteousness and virtue.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"! “Those who have complete faith in this Guru will never be disappointed.”


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