(Greatness of Sri RaghavendrTeertharu and power his devotee Sri Vijaya Dasaru - 1)

Date : May 25, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

To understand greatness and power of Sri RaghavendrTeertharu, we need to power of his devotee Sri Vijaya Dasaru is described in Mantralaya(1039).


We saw the importance and greatness of Sri VadendraTeertharu in last series. This time we are blessed to talk about another great devotee of Sri RaghvendraSwamy, Sri Vijaya Dasaru. Sri Vijaya Dasaru was junior contemporary to Sri VadendraTeertharu. . Sri Vijaya Dasaru treated Sri VadendraTeertharu as his Guru. Sri VadendraTeertharu encouraged Hari Daasa community through Sri Vijaya Dasaru. As we know that Sri RaghvendraSwamy holds a highest position when it comes to nearness to Sri Hari. For us to realize this, it is important to understand the power of Sri Vijaya Dasaru and such a powerful soul like Sri Vijaya Dasaru is devotee of Sri RaghavendraTeertharu.

Sage Bhrugu Muni is the first life/Janma/avatara of Sri Vijaya Dasaru. Sage Bhrugu is the reason for the avatara of Sri Venkateshwara. As we all know, Sage Bhrugu was selected by Narada Muni to determine who is the supreme Lord for whom the offerings of holy homa conducted by sages needs to be offered ? Sage Bhrugu starts his journey in order to search the Supreme Lord. He gets ignored by Bhrama Devaru for which Bhrama gets curse from Sage Bhrugu that Bhrama idol won’t be worshiped in Bholoka. Later Sage Bhrugu gets ignored by Lord Shiva for whom Sage Bhrugu curses that in Bholoka his Linga will be worshiped. With lot of anger Sage Bhrugu came to Vaikunta, there Lord Narayana ignores him too. With anger Sage Bhrugu kicks the chest of Lord Narayana. Lord with a great smile takes the feet of Sage Bhrugu and massages saying “ Holy Sage Bhrugu your feet must hurt as my chest is hard. Let me massage your feet “. Lord calms down Sage Bhrugu. Sage Bhrugu then realizes his mistake and begs Lord to forgive him and decides that Lord Narayana is the supreme Lord. So, Sage Bhrugu is the reason for the avatara of Sri Venkateshwara. Owing to act of kicking of Sri Hari Sage Bhrugu took birth many births in Bholoka and in every birth he got opportunity to serve Lord.

During Treta Yuga in Ramayana times, Sri Vijaya Dasaru was born as Kapi known as Sura Leela. Sura Leela did seva of Sri Ramachandra Devaru by helping Rama in constructing the bridge.

In Dwapara Yuga during Mahabharata times, Sri Vijaya Dasaru was born as Yadava called Nikampa. Later part of Dwapara Yuga again born as hunter, suffered in forest for food. This hunter once releases an arrow thinking Lord Krishna’s toe of the feet as fruit. When he comes near, he sees the blood flow of Lord Sri Krishna. Hunter asks to forgive him. Krishna with a smile replies “I have planned this incident and there is no need to cry and fear, my Krishna avatara needs to end and I selected you as the reason”.

In Kaliguga Sri Vijaya Dasaru is born as calf in the house of Sri Purandar Dasaru, later again born as son of Sri Purandar Dasaru, Madhwapati. After that born as Dasappa as son of Srinivasapp and Kusama. Purnadara Dasaru came in the dream and gave Tamburi to Dasappa when Dasappa woke up, he saw Tamburi and he turned into Sri Vijaya Dasaru.

Sri Vijaya Dasaru was an expert in Vedas, Upanishad and understood Madhwa Shastra completely. Sri VadendraTeertharu encouraged Sri Vijaya Dasaru for his works on Hari Dasa Sahitya. Sri Vijaya Dasaru wrote many songs and suladi in Kannada which are the extracts of complex meaning of Vedas, Upanishads and Madhwa Shastra, presented in a simple kannada songs beautifully.

Subbannacharyaru was a Sudha Pandit and a great scholar. But he never liked Sri Vijaya Dasaru. Subbannacharyaru used to give less importance to Kannada Dasaru and used to think Sri Vijaya Dasaru as ordinary Kannada song composer without having knowledge of Sudha and Sanskrit. Once Subbannacharya arranged Sudha Mangala event, he invited most of the people except Sri Vijaya Dasaru. For Sudha Mangala final day big event Subbannacharya arranged for special sweet for lunch. On that day ,cook appointed for the event didn’t show up.  Sri Vijaya Dasaru came to know that cook has not turned up. Kind Vijaya Dasaru thought that entire lunch event will turn into disappointed and decided to go to event and cook for all.  Vijaya Dasaru cooked food for all.  After completing the cooking, Sri Vijaya Dasaru, went to listen to the pravachana of Subbannachar. When Subbannachar spotted Vijayadasaru,  he got angry and with ego he teased Vijaya Dasaru in front of every one saying “ You are just a Kannada Dasa who doesn’t understand Srimannyaya Sudha and has zero knowledge, yet many ignorant people are following you”. Vijaya Dasaru felt very sad and prayed Lord Sri Hari. Subbannacharya resumed his Sudha after teasing Vijaya Dasaru. Sri Vijaya Dasaru came to stage and called a water man who was serving the water there. Water man had a huge stammering problem and never spoke any sentence without stammering. Sri Vijaya Dasaru prayed Lord Sri Hari and kept his hands on water man. Soon the water man started Sudha Pravachana in Sanskrit where Subbannacharya left. Sri Vijaya Dasaru removed his hands and water man was not able to pronounce a word. Sri Vijaya Dasaru again placed his hands , water man started Sudha Pravachana. Subbannacharya astonished to see this. He realized the power of Sri Vijaya Dasaru. Subbannacharya realized the ego that he had and begged for forgiveness to Sri Vijaya Dasaru. Subbannacharya requested Sri Vijaya Dasaru to accept him as disciple (shishya).  Sri Vijaya Dasaru asked his shishya Venugopala Dasaru to give the pen name (Ankitha nama) to Subbannachar. Venugopala Dasaru gave “Vyasavittala” as the pen name for Subbannachar. Sri Vyasavittala Dasru wrote powerful “Vijayarayara kavacha - smarisi badukiro, divya charanakeragiro…” which we all recite every day. Sri Vyasavittala Dasru did great contribution to Hari Daasa Sahitya. This incident reminds us the power of Sri Vijaya Dasaru, his closeness with Sri Hari and how to be humble in spite of having super powers.

Once Sri Vijaya Dasaru and his as disciple (shishya) Sri Venugopala Dasaru was passing by a town. Near to that town there was a marriage ceremony was going on. Unfortunately, a venomous snake came near the groom and bit him. With the poison groom died on the spot. His Parents saw Sri Vijaya Dasaru and Gopala Dasaru passing by. Then begged for their son’s life. Sri Sri Venugopala Dasaru came forward, closed eyes, did mediation for a minute and told parents he cannot save their son. Then Sri Vijaya Dasaru came forward and asked why not? Prayed Sri Harai and saved the life of the groom. Everyone chanted Vijaya Raya Gurubhyo Namaha. Sri Vijaya Dasaru and Gopala Dasaru continued their journey from that place. Sri Gopala Dasaru asked Sri Vijaya Dasaru , ”Gururgale how did he save the life of groom as when I meditated I went back 3 Janmas/life of the groom, didn’t find any good Karma/Punya that can I use to save him”. Sri Vijaya Dasaru replied “Gopalaa I went back 7 Janmas/life back of the groom, in the previous 7th Janmas he did some good Karma/Punya that I used and saved him”. Sri Venugopala Dasaru did namaskara to Guru Sri Vijaya Dasaru as he had the ability to go back 7 Janmas/life. This is another incident to show the super powers of Sri Vijaya Dasaru

In next Series we will see the few more incidents of Sri Vijaya Dasaru to realize his super powers. Then his devotion towards Rayaru.  Sri Vijaya Dasaru being so powerful, says I am a devotee of Sri RaghavendraTeertharu and describes Rayaru in many ways as Kalpavruksha and Kamedhenu then we cannot even imagine the power of Sri RaghavendraTeertharu and his closeness with Sri Hari. We will see that in next series

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach to Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"!