(Allegation on Rama for testing Sita through fire, clarification by Sri Rayaru)

Date : May 11, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

Sri RaghavendraTeertharu had complete depth of knowledge about teachings of Acharyaru. He wrote many books and commentaries. We can say that it is because of Sri Rayaru current Pandits are able to understand works of Madhavacharyaru, Jayatheertharu as Sri Rayaru simplified most of the complex work which was passed on from Veda Vyasaru to Madhavacharyaru.

How Sri Ramacharita Manjari (written by Rayaru), Bhavishotara Purna and Venkateshwara Kalyana clarifies the doubts about allegation on Rama for testing Sita to pass through fire are described in Mantralaya(1037)


Sri RagahavendraTeertharu describes that Lord Rama and Krishna avatar were to protect women and people involved in Sadachara. When we look at Ramayana on the surface, we get many doubts. One such doubt is why did Rama ordered for Sita to pass through Agni(Fire) in order to prove that she is pure ? If you read Ramacharita Manjari written by Rayaru and Bhavishotara Purna you will get clear explanation about this.  Sri RaghavendraTeertharu captured entire Ramayana in few short shlokas called as Rama Charita Manjari. Let’s try to understand the real fact behind why Rama asked Sita to pass through fire ?

Sita being Goddess Laxmi , knew this already that Ravan is coming to kidnap her. Sita took off to Kailasha as Shiva and Parvathi had desire to worship Maha Laxmi. Before leaving to Kailasha Sita created clone (Akruti) of her with the spirit(Chetan) being that of Indra inside that Akruti .There was the saannidhya(presence) of Sita in that cloned Sita. While kidnapping cloned (Akruti) Sita , Ravan never touched the Akruti  Sita, he touched the shadow of Akruti  Sita which appeared as real to Ravana. This Akruti Sita started to cry when she was in Pushpaka Viman. During that time Agni came along with another look alike of Sita, called Vedavati. Agni told Ravana that Rama has kept real Sita with him and what Ravana is kidnapping is not real Sita. Ravana always believed Agni. By listening to Agni, he took Vedavati from Agni to Lanka thinking as real Sita.

Who is this Vedavati ? Bruhaspatyacharyaru is the Guru for Gods. His son is Kushadwaja a sage. He had a daughter called Vedavati. Right from childhood she wanted to marry Lord Vishu . She was always immersed herself in the meditation of Lord Vishu. As time passed, she grew up as beautiful lady. Once she was deeply involved in her Tapasu, meditation of Lord Narayana. During that time Ravana was flying in his plane. Ravana got attracted to the beauty of Vedavati. He landed his plan and disturbed the mediation of Vedavati. Ravana asked Vedavati to marry him and she should be enjoying life as queen of Lanka. Vedavati rejected and ordered him to go away. This rejection did hurt the ego of Ravana and with anger he tried to pull her hair. Vedavati decided to jump in the fire as her mediation became dirty with the hair touch of Ravana. She cursed Ravana that she will become the cause of his death of Ravana and from now on if he forces any women then he would immediately die. By saying this Vedavati jumped into fire. Due to her power of Tapasya , Agni took Vedavati to his home where she was indulged in deep mediation of Vishnu and was waiting for Right time to became cause of death of Ravana. This is reason why Agni brought Vedavati and convinced Ravana to believe Vedavati as real Sita.

Rama knew that Sita who is in Lanka is Vedavati. After killing Ravana., Lord ordered Sita to pass through fire to prove that she is pure. After Vedavati passed through fire two Sita came out, one is Maha Laxmi who came from Kailasha in Agni and another one is Vedavati.  Sita, Mahalaxmi requested Lord Rama to marry Vedavati. Rama replied I know she is my devotee but in this Avatara I am observing Eka Patni Vrata (that is one wife for entire this Avatara). In next Avatara, Krishan Avatara there is already so many devotees whom I am going to marry.  I am pleased with Vedavati’s Tapasya, I will marry Vedavathi in the 28th Kaliyuga when I become Venkateshwara. This marriage event will be most auspicious and would become famous as Srinivasa Kalyana for years to come. As per Lord’s blessings, Vedavathi went to Satyaloka and kept waiting for 28th Kaliyuga.  She was born in the 28th Kaliyuga as the daughter of Akasha Raja as Padmavati and married to Lord Venkateshwara. This is the fact behind why Agni prevesha of Sita took place. As Sri RaghavendraTeertharu states for every event in Ramayana and Mahabharata there is a reason which may go back to many years. Sri RagahvendraTeertharu has simplified the MahaBharataTatparyanirnaya which gives complete clarity on many things. We are blessed to have Sri Rayaru as our Guru. As per Sri RaghavendraTeertharu,our Jagadguru and Sadhguru is Sri Madhavcharyaru and we are lucky to even pronounce these divine names

We need to develop a strong faith in Rayaru that he will protect us irrespective our ups and downs in life. Rayaru’s lotus feet, Padodaka, Murtika are the real treasure for us in this life and beyond. I am really blessed to have Sri Raghvendra Patwari as my father who taught me/us the bhakti of Rayaru. He used to say that each and every breath of ours should try to chant name of Sri RaghavendraTeertharu. My father always used to say famous kannada folk song 

Whenever we are in problems we remember and completely surrender to our Mantralaya Prabhu Shri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. The Divine Saint Mantralaya Shri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru will definitely solve all our problems – fulfil all our desires and protect us always..

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach to Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"!