(Sri Rayaru Mutt is displaying examples and setting up high standards for the duties of Swamiji)

Date : May 4, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

Our Mantralaya Sri Rayaru Mutt is displaying examples and setting up high standards for the duties of Swamiji as a social leader in shaping up the country are described in Mantralaya(1036).


Our Mantralaya Sri Rayaru Mutt is displaying examples and setting up high standards for definition of duties of Swamiji as a social leader in shaping up the country. This is the teaching passed by Sri MadhavaCharyaru to Jayateertharu to Sri RaghavendraTeertharu to current Swamijis. Till date this is being followed in Sri RayraMutt by keeping aside Cast, Creed, Gender and Nation. Sri Rayaru Mutt swamijis welcomed always everyone with simile and did uphold the inner devotion.

During the time of Sri RaghavendraTeertharu, Rayaru toured many places to save the Sanatana Dharma. Rayaru taught many Muslim kings about importance of Sanatana Dharma by creating belief through miracles. The great warrior Shivaji met Sri Rayaru and took the blessing from Sri Rayaru during the Rayaru’s Maharastra visit. Rayaru continued his tour, during that time he cured pandemic diseases which came during that time. Rayaru solved the problems of drought at many places by performing homas. There are so many examples which puts Rayaru in the top list of true social spiritual leader as defined by Sri MadhwaCharyaru.  Sri RaghavendraTeertharu established the Vedic University. Adwaita scholars used to get teachings from Sri Rayaru as he was an expert in Adwaita. Sri Rayaru’s knowledge and deep understanding of Adwaita made him to defend Dwaita philosophy. 
Later when we fast forward to Sri SujaendeendraTheertharu became the architect of Mantralaya. He worked hard to build the foundations for the developments that see now. Sri SushamintraTheertharu kind Swamiji did bless so many devotees and solved so many problems.

Now the current Swamiji of Mantralaya Parama Poojya Shri Subudhendrateertharu is a true spiritual social leader of India and protecting and spreading Sanatana Dharma. I would like extract Mantralaya-1032 article written by my father Sri Raghvendra Patwari about Shri Subudhendrateertharu.


H.H.Shri Subudhendrateertharu belongs to Gouthamgotra Shaashthheekavamsha Beegamudre family direct Vamshajaru our Shri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. We are happy and proud that within a span of ten years of H. H. Shri Subudhendrateertharu has completely changed the entire Mantralaya Rayaramatha meticulously in all the spheres. Developments are all in leaps and bounds. Gold Silver Navaratna and everything is SUVARNAMAYA. A Series of comforts and welfare to the devotees of this Universe.

Museum Madhwamarga have won the heart of all in the universe. We feel our two eyes are not sufficient to look and enjoy the grandeur! Really amazing!

PURNA CHITRANA Mantralayadali Kandundu Nalidu Kunidu
Kuppalisihevu Naavella Viswada Bhaktaru!

What all are described in song Gurupadahaara are made practically experienced in Mantralaya.

Mantralaya Rayaramatha’s  Vruddhi Abhivruddhi  Samruddhi Shreyobhivruddhi are all due to the constant devotion, affection and efforts made it possible to Parama Poojya Shri Subudhendrateertharu with a divine smile.  Development is the Divyamantra of Shri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s Saakshaat ParamparaJagdguru Shri MannMadhwacharya Moolasmsthhaana Mantralaya Vidyamatha Rayaramatha

Today Shri Subudhendrateertharu’s extraordinary knowledge, imagination and creative constructivity has made Mantralaya RayaruMutta has an empire . We are surviving by the Anugrha and the Mahima of our Mantralaya Ryaru at each and every step.

This is our Saadhana and the Siddhi Punya Divya Vara - Boon. Shri Rayaru is highly pleased - Sampurna Validiharu to our Shri Subudhendrateertharu. RAYARA ANANTA ANUGRAHA IS ALWAYS AKSHAYA.

Our Shri Subudhendrateertharu is a true spiritual leader and very kind person following the footsteps of Sri Rayaru. Here is example of his kindness, recently few days back there was heavy rains in Mantralaya. Shri Subudhendrateertharu walked at night and invited everyone who was sleeping outside to come inside the Mantralaya temple and sleep. He ensured that everyone is inside then he blessed all and took off. Daily at Sri Mutt more than 1 Lakh people eat free food with devotion. Rayaru and his successors paid more attention and importance to inner devotion and less on cast, creed, gender and nation. Current Mantralaya looks heaven. As stated by Vijaya Rayaru and Gopala Dasaru "that as days pass there will be no place equal to mantralaya for knowledge distribution, erasing bad karma of people, providing food and shelter. With this blessings of Sri Hari, Venkatesha Mantralaya will be equal to Vaikunta."

Let’s surrender ourself to Sri Rayaru. As per KrishnaAvadutaru, only Rayaru has the capacity to remove and rewrite the karma defined by Sri Hari as Rayaru requests Sri Hari to do so.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach to Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"!