(Sri RaghavendraTeertharu's Bhakti towards Sri Krishna, Rama and truth behind the death of Vali)

Date : April 27, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

Sri RaghavendraTeertharu's Bhakti towards Sri Krishna, Rama and truth behind the death of Vali in Ramayana are described in mantralaya(1035).


Rayaru is the greatest Bhakta of Sri Rama Devaru and Sri Krishna. During Mahabharata after the Kurukshetra battle, Sri Krishna was ridding the chariot back to palace. Once the destination is reached Sri Krishna ordered Arjuna to get down from Chariot first. Owing to the ego, Arjuna for a second thought that he is the master and asked Sri Krishna to get down first. Sri Krishna didn’t listen to Arjun and ordered Arjun again to get down. Arjuna got down, Sri Krishna asked him to move away. After that Sri Krishna got off from the Chariot. Lord stood near to Arjuna with a smiling face, soon Arjun was shocked to see that Chariot exploding like a bomb blast and he kept gazing at the burnt chariot flying in the sky and coming down into pieces to the ground. Arjuna touched the feet of Sri Krishna and asked what is this, Sri Hari? Sri Krishna with a smiling face replied I was holding off all powerful energies from 18 days of battle of Astras (missiles) released towards you from Bhishma, Drona, Krupa, Ashwathama and Karna. As long as I was in the Chariot those energies were just potential energies and didn't do anything. As soon as I got down from Chariot those energies got released. Arjuna touched his head to Krishan feet and asked for forgiveness for his ill thinking. Sri Raghavendra Swamy writes about the above incident in his works and prays to Lord Sri Krishna, hey Lord you never get off from our soul which is Chariot, if you do so it will become like Arjun’s Chariot. Please always bless us under your guidance. It is important to note that whenever cultured (following Dharama) folks do mistake, Lord does correct that immediately. Arjuna got corrected by Lord Sri Hari so many times in Mahabharata

Let’s go back to Ramayan now and try to see who they are connected with Mahabharata and in this case Arjuna. Also let’s try to understand the clarification given by Sri Madhvacharyaru and Sri Rayaru about why did Rama kill Vali? There are several doubts that come to our mind about why did Rama kill Vali ? Why did he have to hide behind the tree? why he didn’t face Vali directly? Acharya Madhavaru and Sri Rayaru has given clear clarification about this, which is as follows

Vali and Sugreeva loved each other as brothers, due to a small misunderstanding both of them turned into enemies. As you all know Rama decided to kill Vali as per the wish of Sugreeva. With the support of Rama, Sugreeva invites Vali to come out and fight with him. Vali accepts his challenge and goes to fight with Sugreeva. Tara wife of Vali warns him about Rama. Rama was behind the tree and didn’t take any action and he just kept watching both brothers. Sugreeva gets deeply hurt with Vali’s attack. As per the story we say that Rama was not able to recognize who is Vali? Sri RaghavendraTeertharu say that this is not correct, Rama purposefully didn’t act because he wanted to give chance to brother to realize their mistake and accept each other as brothers forgetting misunderstanding. During the war between brothers there is a chance of both uniting. Rama wanted both brothers to settle down the issues without the fighting. 

Next time Sugreeva again invites Vali. Vali comes out this time too. Vali was the greatest warrior that time and Ravana used to be afraid of the name of Vali. Rama releases an arrow and knocks Vali down. Rama goes near to Vali who was lying down with arrow in his chest. Vali is the devotee of Rama. Vali asks following questions to Rama with tears for which Rama responds

Vali asks the question,  Rama if you wanted Sita, I would have asked Ravana and he would have sent Sita in few minutes. Why did you hit me, Rama? Rama responds with calm voice: Vali I know you will get me Sita but why would I take help from  you and Ravana who committed so much sin. You being my devotee joined hands with Ravana and committed the crime where you both have an agreement to share everything wife, son, kingdom or any other items whenever you want. If powerful king like you sets up example of not respecting women, then rest of the people ? . Ravan is an ill minded person when it comes to women and you made agreement with him was a biggest mistake. More over you kidnapped wife of Sugreeva , Ruma, which is against the Dharama and bigger sin.

Vali with full of tears with a low voice asks Rama one more question, why did you  kill me from behind Rama ? You should have faced me directly?. To which Rama responds saying, two warrior fight against each other when they are enemies of each other. We are not enemies. More over before you leaving the palace to fight with Sugreeva you told your wife Tara that if you see me (Rama) then you will bow your head to my feet and take me to your palace for worshipping. If you did so then I cannot punish you for the crime you have committed as you know that those who surrender I will let go of them. There is also one more reason,  the sin/crimes you committed are that of animal nature, for killing animals you don’t have face them directly.

Rama says Vali, Vali you now have awareness of your mistakes and is repenting on those. I will bring you back to normal life again, will remove the arrow. Vali says, no Lord, please give me the death, I am lucky that I am being killed by Rama.

Vali washed all of his sins by accepting the punishment. This Vali became Arjuna in Mahabharat and stayed close to Lord Sri Krishna throughout his life. Arjuna has the fortune of  listening to Geeta from Lord and seeing the magnanimous Visharupa of Lord Sri Hari.  Sugreeva due his sin of killing his own brother became Karna in Mahabharata and suffered for the sin that he committed in Ramayana.

My father Sri Raghvendra Patwari used to say when good people does mistake Lord corrects them immediately and puts them on right track. Sri Raghavendra Swamy did worship Lord Rama every second of his life and attained the power to stay alive in Brindavan for 700 years worshiping Sri Rama to protect all of us. If you believe in Rayaru he would take care of you not only this birth but many birth that has to come similar to how Lord took care of Vali.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach to Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"!