(Sri Raghvendra Patwari, devotee of Rayaru)

Date : April 20, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

||Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||
||Gajagawhara Sri Jayateertha Gurubhyo Namaha||

I lost my Appa (father) Sri Raghvendra Patwari who was a strong Rayaru devotee from a very young age of 5 years till his last breath of 80 years.

How Sri Raghavendra Swamy blessed my father throughout his life is described in Mantralaya (1034).


As per Geeta, Death is certain for every life which has taken birth in this universe.

Jatasya hi Dhrvo mrtyurdhruvam janma mrtasya ca
Tasmadapariharye rthe na tvam socitumarhasi

Sri RagahevndraTeertharu is capable of bestowing the Mukti to his devotees. This can be witnessed through examples of Venkaana the water man who desired to attain Mukti, Purvashrama wife Sharada Devi who attained Mukti and Kanaka Dasru in his next Janma after seeing Rayaru. I am confident that Rayaru is taking care of my father.

I wish to share about my father Sri Rahavendra Patwari and his strong devotion towards Rayaru. As a kid my father was born in the 7th month and was weak physically. My Grandfather’s friend Joshi Sir was a close family member and greatest devotee of Rayaru. My grandfather wanted to discuss about my father’s weakness with Joshi Sir.  Let me talk about Joshi Sir, Joshi sir had a routine of not talking to any one while doing Pradakshina of Sri Rayara Brindavana, this is called as Mouna Pradakshina where focus is just on Rayaru. Once due to some work his routine of Mouna  Pradakshina became late. At night around 9:00pm he started  Pradakshina. During Mouna  Pradakshina he saw a small kid sitting in Rayara temple and was crying hard, he was puzzled at this time , when no one is there around who is this kid crying ? In those days 9:00pm used to be like midnight of our time. But Joshi sir thought he will attend the kid once he completes his Mouna  Pradakshina as he might talk to kid accidentally and break his practice if he attends kid now. After completing the Mouna  Pradakshina , he wanted to take care of kid but the kid was not seen, he searched all around temple and thought it may be some near by house kid and went home. During that night Rayaru came in Joshi sir's dream and spoke to him “I came to meet you and you didn’t care me at all then smiled and gave a full coconut and mantrakshate”. When Joshi sir got up he saw coconut and mantrakshate beside his bed. Till this date his family members have preserved coconut and mantrakshate in a box and are worshipping.  This Joshi Sir told my grandfather he should not worry about weakness of my father as he was born for a great cause and Rayaru will take care of him. Joshi sir taught my father and he blessed him whole heartily.

My grandfather was a teacher and was close to Sri SujayendraTheertahu. Everytime my grandfather used to visit Mantralaya and would do sevas  like bringing water from River and so on, he didn’t have that much money to afford performing high paid Sevas. My grandfather used to say in front of Rayaru Brindavana that my son and grandsons and family tree with your blessings will become good donors of Sri RayaraMutta and will engage with Rayaru for ever.

During the college years my father used to feel that some one is walking behind and sprinkling water on him, he witnessed  this in the hot summer of Hyderabad and Gulbarga . My father used to get the dream before the exam night.  In dream he would see the question paper along with answer. He would get up early in morning and study those before going to exams. While writing exam he used to pray Rayaru and open the question paper and thank Rayaru for showing exact same questions previous night.

My father got the first job interview after completion of M.A Degree as a Kannada Lecture in Bangalore. There was just 1 position available and interviewers were specialised in different domain in Kannada than what my father had studied which was KumaraVysa, Rana, Pampa and DasaSahitya. My grandfather had little hope that his son (my father) will get the job as there were too many applicants from Bangalore and Mysore. Before going to interview in Bangalore my father decided that he will do break journey and visit Mantralaya on the way. While taking Darshana at Mantralaya Brindavana, Rayara Archakaru who was standing near the Brindavana gave my father the Mantrakshate and told I know you are going for job interview and Rayaru told me that you will get the job and interviewers will ask questions that you studied. After taking this blessings my father started to Bangalore and got the job. Interviewers asked the subjects where my father had mastery.

During his service as principle of Degree college he used to travel to Yadgir from Gulbaraga and everyday he used to go to Rayaru temple at 4:00am. The Archaka of that priest shared this news today. My father told Archaka that this temple has Mantralaya Rayaru Sanidhya, presence. Archaka asked my father how are you telling with so much confidence ? My father told he saw Rayaru came in the form a old Achar entering Brindavana. If my father miss visiting the temple , Rayaru would appear in dream and ask why there is no attendance today ? That is reason why he told there is presence of Sri Rayaur here in this temple. This news is being shared by Archaka today which I was not aware off.

My father started wiring about Mantralaya Series in year 2004, came in connection with you all devotees and Rajaram who is/was uniting Rayaru devotees into one platform. My father was very dedicated and never missed a week , every Thursday he used to send the article to Rajarama.. He usually first writes poem in Kannada and then translate to English. He learnt computer and became very comfortable within no time. What he shared with me was he had no idea of what to write every week but when he sits in his usual place and holds the pen and pray to Rayaru the poem starts flowing on his own and he doesn’t even know how and where it end, he never preplanned of what to write. During his open heart Surgery when talking to doctor he asked about recovery period and how long it takes to be normal with writing and typing in computer. Doctor said you should ask about operation procedure and what happens during operation rather than recovery period. My father told Doctor that he writes article about Rayaru and he wants to write in advance as many as possible so that during his recovery he will not miss articles. While coming to topic of operation procedure,  my father told Doctor you will not operate, my Guru Rayaru in the form of you will operate me and hence, he is not worried about operation procedure. Doctor who had no idea of Rayaru by the end of treatment became devotee of Rayaru and stayed in connection with my father for very long time. This is the kind of dedication he had towards Mantralaya Series and influence on folks who comes to his contact

10 years back after performing Navaratri Pooja, my father was sitting in our hall. He felt that Rayaru came in front and told him that his life span is over already and he would talk to Sri Hari for life extension. That night when my father was sleeping, he felt that his soul left the body and went a place in the sky where so many people were being offered food in the PanduRanga Vitthala temple. They offered food to my father but he refused to eat saying he is not hungry. That time priest of PanduRanga temple who is Rayaru came outside and told why did they bring my father here he still has lot of work to do and asked them send him down. My father felt falling down and soul entering the body and for next 2 days he was dull and had body pain. He used to tell all of us that remaining life is bonus given by Rayaru ( similar to how Jaganatha Dasaru got  from GopalaDasaru) to reach 1008 Mantralaya articles and do Raya Seva every second.

After loosing my brother my father started to become mentally weak. On the day of April 13th few days before his death, I came to my hometown as I was supposed to go to Mantralaya and Bichali for my brother’s monthly rituals and Go Daana(Cow Donation). I told my father that it summer and it is hot and asked him not to come with him. He was adamant that he has to visit. We reached Mantralaya at evening 6:00pm , he got blessings from Shri SubhudhendraTheertharu and saw the Maha Mangalaruti standing very close to Brindavana. Shri SubhudhendraTheertharu loved my father a lot and shared good relation. After completing Maha Mangalaruti, I took him for 1 km walk outside at the entrance of Mantralaya where he saw beautiful development and decorations all over. He told me look what Vijaya Dasaru and Gopla Dasru has described about Mantralaya that it will a be a place where every day there is new development will happen along creation of positive energy and it will be like Indra’s place. He appreciated works of Shri SubhudhendraTheertharu his imagination and care for of Mantralaya . Next day on Friday my father saw Rayaru Panchamruta and went to Bichali and did rituals of Go Daana there. We came home to Gulbarga on Friday. On next day my father told my mother that this time he had asked Rayaru to give him peaceful death which is painless and he should not be bed ridden and take service from others. He told my mother that he requested for rest of us and devotees good health and life. My mom asked why are talking like this ? My father smiled and told I am being practical and don’t worry. Next day on Monday he woke up and did his Dwadaishi pooja and performed Shiva pooja as it was Monday. Then for a long time he kept reading Sudha Parimila. My mom says he was dull that day. Next day this request came true. I recall few years back while we both are driving my father told me that is he asks Rayaru to reach his feet then Rayaru will fulfil his request within 24 hours. I can co-relate that now.  As per his wish he got death which was painless and never took the service from anyone. I just came to know that he had shared 2 years back a message to his favourite student Guru who used to Drive our car for father that his ashes should be impressed in Tungabhadra River. He asked not to share this with family members till his death. On Thursday I am heading towards Tungabhadra for his ash impression. 

I consider my self-blessed to be born has his son who gave me wisdom of Rayaru. So many folks have been touched by father. I am proud of Ragahevndra Patwari great Devotee of Rayaru and I am very confidant that he will be at the feet of Rayaru.

My father's words will continue to echo inside me that  "The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach to Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"!